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Soups of the Always

  1. Cashew Chiliour award-winning, vegetarian chili made with pinto beans, bell peppers, carrots, and cashews; full of spices but not spicy
  2. Mexican Tomato-Lime - a spicy, brothy tomato soup with chunks of tomato served with crumbled tortilla chips and grated cheese

Soups of the Moment

  1. Apricot Lentil - an Armenian-style split red lentil soup with a hint of apricots 
  2. Black Bean Jewel - a slightly spicy black bean soup that glitters with veggies
  3. Brazilian Black Bean - a well-rounded black bean soup with citrus undertones; great w/ a dollop of sour cream 
  4. Bunny Love - a shredded carrot soup made with almonds
  5. Cabbage Dal - a slightly spicy, Indian-style lentil and vegetable soup
  6. Cabbage Paprikash - a Hungarian-style, sweet & sour soup featuring shredded carrots and cabbage
  7. Cajun Potato - a hearty potato soup full of Cajun flavors
  8. Carrot Ginger - a blended carrot soup made with lentils and ginger
  9. Celericious a blended, veganized cream of celery soup (contains gluten)
  10. Cheddar Vegetable - a cheesy vegetable soup (contains gluten/dairy)
  11. Chic Pea Spinach - a classic lentil soup made with chic peas and spinach
  12. Confetti Vegetable - a delightful brothy soup of mixed vegetables
  13. Curried Zucchini - a slightly spicy, blended, creamy, zucchini soup (contains gluten/dairy)
  14. Dark Horse Lentil - a moderately spicy, Indian-spiced lentil soup made with green bell peppers and chilis
  15. Faux Pho - our vegetarian take on the iconic Vietnamese soup made with spaghetti squash for noodles
  16. French Lentil - a simple vegetable soup made with lentilles du puy
  17. Georgia Greens - an African-style vegetable soup made with peanuts, ginger, and kale/collard greens
  18. Green Split Pea - a soup that matches its name exactly
  19. Harvest Fire - a wicked spicy sweet potato soup made with coconut and chipotle peppers
  20. Hungarian Mushroom - a favorite of favorites; creamy and delicious (contains gluten/dairy)
  21. Margarita’s Black Bean - a Cuban-style black bean soup spiced with cumin and cilantro
  22. Minestronish - in the style of Minestrone without the pasta
  23. Moroccan Squash - a blended winter squash soup packed with Moroccan spices
  24. Polish Dill Pickle - a comforting, Polish-style root vegetable soup, featuring dill pickles
  25. Popeye - a green split-pea soup with spinach, yams, sweet peas, and olive oyl; you gettin’ the reference, yet?
  26. Portuguese Kale - a slightly spicy kale soup spiced to mimic Portuguese sausage
  27. Potato Puffball - a blended mushroom soup made from locally-foraged giant puffballs
  28. Purple Haze - a blended caramelized onion and beet soup beautiful in color
  29. Red Pepper Lentil a spicy lentil soup made with red bell peppers and harissa
  30. Savory Onion - our vegetarian take on the classic French Onion
  31. Southern New Year - a soup for good luck made with black-eyed peas and collards greens
  32. Tahini Bean - a thick white bean and tahini soup... it’s one you have to taste unless you have a sesame allergy
  33. Thai Sweet Potato - a Thai-inspired, blended sweet potato and ginger soup
  34. Vampire Vaccine - a full-flavored onion and garlic soup to keep away mythical creatures
  35. White Bean Black Olive - a delicious soup that matches its name
  36. Winter Warmer - a hearty soup of black-eyed peas, butternut squash, and other veggies 
  37. Yellow Split Pea - thick and hearty; Cassie's fave
  38. Zucchini Corn Chowder - a twist on an original… there’s a green vegetable in the corn chowder 

~ all soups are gluten-free & vegan ~
(unless otherwise noted)