For June - Store normal. Deli mostly so.


Basic Info

  • We’ve been offering buying club for the majority of our years in business.
  • Prices are less than retail given the guaranteed sale and higher volume.
  • There are no minimums, no buy-in fees, nor working obligations.
  • You pay when you pick up (for established regulars).
  • The handling fee is 5%.
  • Contact us with any questions.

Placing an Order

  • Online access to Catalog:
    • Go to
    • Customer Login tab
    • Scroll down to blue button: "LOG IN TO CUSTOMER PORTAL"
      • Username: Chesterfield1
      • Password: Buyingclub1
    • Use search option to search by description, brand, upc, or product code
      • Or, under Publications tab, select desired month and catalog
    • Submit orders by 4pm on Sunday for the following Friday
      • Email order
  • You are responsible for looking up your items and submitting the following info:
    • product code / quantity to order / pack size / product description / price listed
      • Example: 0241836 / 12/28.2 / Tomatoes OG2 Crushed / $39.10
  • Prices
    • Please note that the listed prices are out-of-date 
      • If you would like an up-to-date quote, please contact us before ordering
    • Also, UNFI can change their prices without notification
      • If your item comes in at a different cost than quoted, we will adjust your price accordingly
  • Case size
    • Be mindful of case size.
      • Many items are multiple items per case (e.g. 12/32oz)
      • So, ordering 1 actually means 1 case of 12, and you would be purchasing the entire case
    • Some items are available by the piece (i.e. 1)
    • Some items are listed as m3 which means you would be ordering 3
    • Sometimes, we will split cases with you, but check with us before you order

Paying for an Order

  • Prompt pickup is necessary
  • Payments are cash or check