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Now Available!

No more failed attempts at home.
No more missing that HWF smell.
No more wishing for our recipe.

It wasn't a dream.
Our curry tofu is really that good.
Seriously, it has its own hashtag: (#hwfcurrytofu). 
And, it was featured in the Colgate Magazine (scroll to the bottom).

Each small batch is handcrafted by us from start to finish.

To Purchase:

For the shipping waitlist, use this form.

Or, stop by the store for either:

  1. The "Ready from the Deli" version (which is ready to use directly from the container).
  2. The "Fancy Branded Jarred" version (which is great for gifts). The jarred version requires the addition of water before marinating the tofu. This extra step makes shipping possible. Hooray!

Please help spread the news.
We have 30+ years of alumni to notify.
~ HWF ~

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Ingredients: Tamari Soy Sauce (gluten-free),
Peanuts, Vegetable Oil, Honey,
Spices (including turmeric), Onion,
Garlic, Black Pepper

An open jar will last months in the fridge.