Store & Deli Open!


Our caterings are customized to fit the needs of your event/meeting.

  • Our experience allows us to work with almost any size, format, and budget.
  • Your budget will shape the food options and portion sizes. 
    • e.g. $14/person will be different than $6/person.
    • We most frequently cater an assortment of our signature hot wraps. 
      • The wraps are in halves and are typically portioned between half to a full wrap per person.
  • We appreciate a few days of notice.
    • But, we can most often accommodate next day orders.
    • And, we have been known to do caterings in 20min when you've been in a pinch.
  • Delivery is most often available.
    • Curbside pick-up is always an option.
  • Contact us to place a catering.
    • For first-timers and last-minute caterings, it's best to call.


Signature Hot Wraps 
Mac & Cheese
Homemade Soups

Fresh Salads


Baked Curry Tofu
Stuffed Grape Leaves
California Chic Pea Salad
Hummus w/ Pita & Veggies
Cheese & Crackers
Dried Fruit & Chocolate