Now Available - Curry Tofu Marinade


Basic Info

  1. We are partnering with the Hamilton Food Cupboard.
  2. The Food Cupboard gives us a list of needed items.
  3. We post requested items similar to a gift registry.     
  4. You choose what you would like to contribute.
    1. Cover a specific item. 
    2. Simply add funds to the Cupboard’s Store Account (what most folks are doing).
  5. You submit funds to HWF to cover your contribution.
    1. Payment via cash, credit card, check, or PayPal.
    2. Call or contact us.
    3. When submitting funds, please indicate your choice in contribution.
  6. We order. 
  7. We deliver to the Food Cupboard.


  • The Food Cupboard is getting what they actually need...  Registry Link 
  • Your donations go further given the pricing structure (see additional info).
  • Our entire community has greater access to higher quality, environmentally-conscious, and/or locally-sourced foods/products.
  • We are reducing the workload for the Food Cupboard by sourcing these items for them.
  • HWF gets to donate by volunteering our work hours, experience, and established networks. 

Additional Info

  • More info regarding the format and pricing can be found here.
  • Check out #hwffoodcupboard for examples of past deliveries.