For June - Store normal. Deli mostly so.



We are an independently owned and operated natural foods store and vegetarian eatery. We opened in April 1991 and have been focusing on the good stuff ever since. We're unique. We're original. Our signature eats are super tasty, and our inventory is curated to feature the best. From the beginning our menu and our shelves have showcased local ingredients/products. 

Throughout the years we have evolved to meet the needs of this wonderful community. At times we've also been your bookstore, clothing shop, local artists gallery, bagel/bread stop, espresso place, pet food retailer, produce share creator, and more. 
We strive to create a welcoming, casual atmosphere where we get to know our regulars.
We are grateful to be here.


We have a dedicated staff of local folks and students from Hamilton Central School and Colgate University. We value the opportunity to work with students, for whom we are often their first "real" job, and cherish the many lifelong connections.
To see us in action, check out #hwfteamworkmakesthedreamwork.

If you're interested in joining our team, please contact us. We are always looking for quality applicants.


We are constantly reexamining the store and our processes in an effort to become more sustainable. Our meatless menu is intentional in its commitment to the future. Our inventory aims to be mostly natural, organic, fair trade, and/or cleaner. As a grocery and restaurant, our almost zero food waste is a monumental accomplishment. Our deli absorbs much of what isn't pretty enough for retail. Past date items are consumed by the staff. Our compost goes to a local CSA. We use minimal, generic packaging and long ago switched many single-use items to greener alternatives. Some other sustainable practices include our bag share and egg carton collection which help further reduce the waste of our customers. 
We like to jest that we're not fancy, but we're not fancy for reasons.

Monica Costa - Owner