Pre-order for Graduation Weekend!

Sides Only Menu

The store is open!
But, our sandwich/salad and smoothie stations are fully closed for the moment.
Monica and Heather are away at an alum's wedding over Reunion Weekend. 

So, what's still available from the deli?

Sides Only Menu

  • Coffee
  • Sides 
      • Cookies
      • Baked Curry Tofu
      • Baked Marinated Tofu
      • California Chic Pea Salad
      • Tabouli II Salad
      • Stuffed Grape Leaves
      • Marinated White Beans
      • Kalamata Olives
      • Marinated Artichoke Hearts
      • Falafel
      • available frozen


      Full Menu back soon.
       ~ thanks for your flexibility ~