The Deli is trying something new!

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Select hot wraps are available. Yay!
But, our made-to-order sandwich/salad station is mostly closed for the moment. 

So, what's still available from the deli?

Select Menu

  • Select hot wraps (~4 varieties)
    • Some vegan options
    • Some gluten-free options
    • Extremely limited modifications
      • i.e. if you don't like tomatoes, order a wrap that doesn't have tomatoes in its recipe
  • Hot soups
  • Maybe some fresh salads
  • Plus, the Side-Bar Menu (see below)

    Side-Bar Menu

    • Sides 
        • Cookies
        • Baked Curry Tofu
        • Baked Marinated Tofu
        • California Chic Pea Salad
        • Tabouli II Salad
        • Stuffed Grape Leaves
        • Marinated White Beans
        • Kalamata Olives
        • Marinated Artichoke Hearts
        • Falafel
        • available frozen
      • Bar
        • Smoothies
        • Coffee
        • Tea
        • Drinks from the Cooler


      Full Menu back soon.
       ~ thanks for your flexibility ~